Corporate Catering Specialists

Social and Cultural Responsibility Statement

At Vanilla Blue, our commitment to quality extends well beyond the food we deliver. We believe that every business must adhere to the highest standards in ethics and business practice. As such, we place enormous value on supporting people, clients, suppliers and the sustainability of our community.   Working with Vanilla Blue means more than just supplying delicious corporate catering. It’s a statement of support for opportunities and diversity in employment, charitable giving, and a sustainable workplace practice that not only protects our clients and employees, but our community as a whole. 


As an equal-opportunity employer, at Vanilla Blue we are proud of our history of employing without bias. We believe it’s passion, enthusiasm and experience that really drive teams forward, and we employ on this basis. We have an adaptable workplace that focuses on ‘ability’ and have accommodated staff with special needs. We value the contribution of all our staff to our customers’ satisfaction.

Community Giving

Supporting charities has always been central to Vanilla Blue.  In the past 12 months we will have supported The Biggest Moring Tea, International Women’s Day and RU OK Day?, donating all profits from each of these great fund raising efforts. 


Our commitment is, first and foremost, to the sustainable sourcing of food and packaging. From making purchasing decisions that limit food miles and supports our local growers and providers.  In choosing packing options that stand up in delivery and are recyclable.  It’s about more than the future of our business, it’s the future of our planet—and that’s why we take it seriously.

Local Suppliers and Australian Farmers

First and foremost, fresh is always best. The majority of our products come from local suppliers.  All our fresh fruit and veg is bought locally at the market, keeping food miles low, and guaranteeing freshness.

Reducing our footprint

Food service relies heavily on the use of disposable containers and cutlery. We have worked hard to change this landscape to incorporate sustainable, disposable items that minimise harm the planet. We sort recycling in the kitchen and office—recycling of paper and toner cartridges— as well as keep our energy use low, buy turning off lights and devices when we don’t need them. We have switched from printed and coated catering boxes to un-coated, unbleached, unprinted and recyclable.  And, we only send bamboo cutlery.