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4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Eat At Your Desk

Why You Shouldn’t Eat At Your Desk

We’ve all been there. When time is against us and we have so much work to do, stress and anxiety are inevitable. So we skip lunch hour and take lunch at our desk hoping we can fit all our work in that hour.

It’s an unhealthy habit that we are all guilty of, but have you wondered why it’s actually not a good thing to be eating at your desk? Today we discuss the reasons why having lunch at your desk can actually do you more harm than good.

Reduced productivity

WHY YOU SHOULDNT EAT AT YOUR DESK - Reduced productivity

If you find yourself having lunch all lonesome at your desk, remember that this may harm your productivity. Sure, you might be able to fit more work in than having it pile up by the end of the day, but having lunch at your desk can actually reduce your productivity.

Eating at your desk during your lunch hour doesn’t allow you to break up the day. Working in one long stretch is what does the damage!

Research has found that workers who have lunch away from the office had increased feelings of relaxation, higher creativity, and connection to others in the workplace. Time for relaxation has been linked to heightened productivity and may help ward off any stress at work.

Increased long-term health risks

WHY YOU SHOULDNT EAT AT YOUR DESK - Increased long-term health risks

Having lunch at your desk means you’re sitting there for a lot longer than you should. This may lead to long-term health risks such as heart disease, disk damage, poor blood circulation in the legs, and strained muscles (such as your neck, shoulders and back).

Long periods of sitting at your desk doesn’t give your body the opportunity to move. Breaking for lunch is the best way to relax your muscles and mind. But if that’s not possible, try to get out of your seat and move around every half hour around your work station. You can even invest in a standing desk to keep the strain off your back and spine.

Being anti-social


Studies have shown that teams in the workplace who have lunch together in the communal kitchen are more likely to work alongside better as a group. Teams that lunch together, stay together!

Employees that spent time in the kitchen together during lunch were twice as likely to be more cooperative as those who spent lunch at their desk or alone.

These types of communal group situations created a more positive atmosphere in the workplace and allowed more socialising amongst work peers.  

It encourages more stress


In any given day we only have so much psychological energy that we can use. You’ll find that the more you work without a proper break, you are drawing more from your psychological energy and once this is depleted, you can feel really tired and stressed.

It’s important to take breaks away from the desk to recharge this energy and to give your brain a break as well.

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