Corporate Catering Specialists



The new Vanilla Blue website has been designed with you in mind. To make it easier and faster to place orders and to give you greater flexibility to order what you want when you want it. We have also built in a few other fantastic features that will save you time.

Have a quick look below for a few helpful tips.


Switch between an order from multiple menus. Simply click the tab of the menu you wish to order from. You can order sandwiches from the Working Lunch menu, cakes from the Breakfast and Tea menu and some sausage rolls from the Finger Food menu all in the same order.


Place one order with multiple delivery times. Pick the times you want delivery for and simply drag the items to the appropriate box.


Save yourself time by quickly reordering previous orders; make changes to orders placed, or cancel orders as required.


Never miss details on your invoice again. Our system will prompt you to add mandatory account data such as cost centre and GL codes.