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Are you lacking team culture in the office?

Are the staff finding it hard to feel motivated at work?

Or perhaps you’re looking for an incentive to hire new staff to work with your team?

Team lunches act as a great perk if you’re looking for an effective way to build a vibrant team culture, boost staff morale, and attract new talent to your company. At Vanilla Blue, we create wholesome, delicious food for any team or workplace occasion.

We'll do the planning to keep the office tastebuds happy

  • Ever-changing nutritious seasonal menus
  • Affordable prices 
  • Special diets are easly catered for  
  • Simple to order and pre-book  
  • Quick and easy tidy up in our biodegradable packaging
  • Package priced for groups of 10 or more

Make team lunches memorable with our scrumptious options

So why not plan a team lunch today!


Build team morale with delicious food to be shared

Did you know that 65% of people would leave a company because they don’t feel valued?

Building team morale takes a lot of time and effort. A simple “good job” does go a long way but sometimes it takes more than just that to make employees feel valued. Rewarding your staff with a scrumptious team lunch is a sure way of expressing your gratitude for all their hard work.

Organisations that proactively promote their team culture are more likely to retain and attract new potential candidates to join their organisation. Staff who spend time together in the kitchen stay together and are twice more likely to be more cooperative than those who don’t.

The benefits of lunch as a team building activity


Here’s what’s on the menu!

Week 1- Okay Poke Bowls

Clean and fresh with  your choice of grilled chicken or marinated tofu, accompanied with brown rice & quinoa, fresh salad, endamame and mixed seeds

Week 2 - A Mediterranean lunch

Lemon & oregano chicken breast, zaatar spiced beef, grilled chorizo and honey and sesame grilled Haloumi. Served with pita, Lebanese bread and sweet potato crisps.  Topped with hummus, baba ganoush, minted yoghurt, mixed leaves and tabouleh

Week 3 -Taco Bar

A selection of hard and soft tacos accompanied with Tex Mex seasoned chicken mince, Mexican beans fresh salads and delicious sides so you can build your own Mexican fiesta.

Week 4- Funky Hot Dog Station

Gourmet beef and GF veggie sausages with warm caramelised with tomato relish braise.  Served with classic hot dog buns and gluten free wraps.  Don’t forget the toppings - crunchy slaw with aioli, shredded cheese, tomato and BBQ sauce, relish and pickles. Shared bowl of garden salad with avocado

Look out for our upcoming winter Staff Lunch menu coming out soon!

Order daily, weekly or monthly….your staff will love it!


Special diet catering for team building lunches

Team lunches are great when combined with team building and team bonding exercises. Once you organise the fun activity for your team don’t forget to note down their special diet requirements when you order their team lunch.

Here is a list of special diets we can cater to:

Whatever special diet requirements your team members may have, we can cover. We embrace all different types of diet requirements and we believe team bonding is all about inclusion.


Looking for a team break in the morning or arvo?

If the lunch hour is a little busy and your team needs a morning session or afternoon nibble, we also cater to these occasions for effective team bonding.

We have a few ideas for how your team can come together to catch up for food:

  • Friday afternoon nibbles
  • Monday breakfast sessions to kick of the work week
  • Monthly morning teas
  • Or perhaps a staff lunch time BBQ - you don’t need fancy burgers or sausage sangas to enjoy a great team meal together.


Helping teams grow stronger with every munch

We love providing food to workplaces that value the importance of team culture. Are you looking to bring your team together over a mouth watering meal?  Then get in touch with one of our friendly foodies now to place your order.


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