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Special Diet Catering - Every Preference Covered

Teams that eat together, work smarter. But food allergies and intolerances can make it difficult for everyone to bond over a delicious meal. At Vanilla Blue, we care about serving fingerlickingly good food, made with love for everyone - regardless of their dietary preferences.

We deliver a full range of special diet corporate catering across Sydney:

While we're constantly innovating and embracing exciting food trends such as low-carb menus and paleo diets, we also like to maintain a beautiful balance so that our food is comfortable and familiar.

We understand the hesitation that can come with ordering for special dietary requirements and encourage you to get in touch with our friendly team on 1300 556 086 so we can arrange the best possible office catering solution.

Please be aware

Vanilla Blue is pleased to offer special diet/allergen sensitive catering. However, our kitchen is not nut free or Halal certified. While every care is taken to produce a menu and item that is suitable for special diets, clients need to be informed on our processes and the risk of contamination so they can make an informed decision.

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Gluten Free Catering 

According to Coeliac Australia, one in 70 Australians suffers from coeliac disease. For people with gluten intolerance, consuming foods such as wheat-based bread and pasta can lead to intestinal distress and bloating.

When you need wheat-free alternatives for your next catered meal in office, simply browse through our mouth-watering menu. There are so many GF options to choose from - hearty nutritious salads, delicious sandwiches, small sweet treats, and more. You will appreciate that our special menu packages feature gluten-free options inspired by different cuisines.

If you need something more specific, just call us on 1300 556 086 and we will point you in the right direction. 


Vegan and Plant-based Catering

If you’re looking for delicious, nutritious and satisfying vegan catering for your office in Sydney, look no further than Vanilla Blue! We’re out to bust the myth that going vegan means having to live with limited food choices.

And that’s why we’ve put our heart and culinary creativity into crafting a plant-based catering menu that is brimming with options. Start your office lunch on a scrumptious note with vegan skewers and then tuck into one of our nourishing salads before you end on a sweet note with vegan chocolate brownies.

We’re pleased to be able to offer separate packaging for vegan and all special diet catering. So if you want your meal plated separately from the balance of the order, just make a note when you place your order or contact our wonderful customer service staff. 

Delightful Dairy-free Catering 

At Vanilla Blue, we offer a delightful range of dairy-free catering. This means that your colleagues who follow a dairy-free diet can still enjoy an amazing spread with our lunch packages, sandwich options, and hard-to-resist finger foods.

From adorable mixed nut pots to dairy-free brownie fingers and mini fruit skewers to stuffed vine leaves, we have one of the best dairy-free menus in Sydney to ensure no one goes hungry!

Vegetarian Catering

Choose from our mouthwatering vegetarian catering menu featuring lunch packages, sandwiches, tasty nibbles, and so much more. We use the highest quality vegetarian ingredients to prepare well-balanced food that everyone can share!

Our delectable vegetarian-friendly options such as sandwiches are especially popular. In fact, 20% of our sandwiches come vegetarian standard. You can have your sandwich plattered separately too, just let us know.

We also have irresistible platters, frittatas, energy balls, and veggie rice paper rolls made to fit your requirements and budget. From breakfast to lunch and beyond, we’re here to cater the yummiest vegetarian food to your office in Sydney!

And if you need more choice, simply contact one of our friendly foodies.

Office Catering for Mothers-to-Be

When you have a mother-to-be as a work colleague, it’s important to ensure that she can enjoy catered food without having to worry about hygiene and safety. At Vanilla Blue, we take utmost care to ensure that our catering for pregnant women is wholesome, delicious, and prepared to the highest standards. The mothers-to-be in your office will be thrilled with our special menu!

You will also be pleased to know that all of our beef and chicken is Halal certified, making it suitable for those who require Halal meats as a dietary preference.

Ready to Order?

To discuss your special diets catering needs, simply give us a call on 1300 556 086. We look forward to feeding you and your hungry hordes. 


Allergenic disclaimer - TRACES MAY REMAIN

Please be advised that Vanilla Blue cannot 100% guarantee your catering does not contain traces of certain products as they are produced on the same equipment that are used when handling those items, however, we do not "intentionally add" substances to which your guests are allergic. We recommend that guests with heightened allergies should provide their own meal.


Special diet catering food package of fruit skewers, glutten free sweets
Vanilla Blue special diet catering assorted salad cups
Woman holding a plate of finger food that includes vegetable rolls, lebanese wraps, vegetable skewer and frittatas