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Currently, the Vanilla Blue website is not supporting Internet Explorer 11 or lower versions of it.

As such we recommend the following steps to continue using the site:


Get the latest versions of either Firefox or Google Chrome browsers and access the site through them.

You can click on the buttons: "GET FIREFOX" or "GET CHROME" below to navigate to the respective site that allows you to download them


Or, if you are on Windows 7 or higher, please click on the "GET EDGE" button below to go to the Microsoft Website and download the latest version of Edge.

Your Health and Safety, and Ours

We take your health and safety and that of our staff very seriously. Following NSW Health guidelines we have implemented a robust hygiene program within our business including:

1) Temperature checks of all staff when they arrive

2) Daily sanitization of the kitchen and delivery vehicles

3) All drivers and kitchen staff are to wear gloves and wash their hands regularly.

This is in addition to all of our ongoing food handling safety procedures.

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